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Dutch volleyball coaching exam - VT3

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I used this practice plan for one of the exams you have to complete if you want a volleyball coaching diploma from the Dutch volleyball association.

3x Attacking: General 3x Blocking: General 3x Section: Warming-up 2x Attacking: Position 2 2x Attacking: Position 4 ...

1. Warming up

1.1. Running variations

Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Running variations'

The players move from behind the serving line to the centre line, to the three-meter line, back to the centre line, and finally to the serving line again. They use various running variations:

Running variations:

  • Slow jog
  • Sideways
  • High knees
  • Carioca
  • Skipping

1.2. Core stability and crunches

  1. Plank (15 seconds)
  2. Crunches (15)
  3. Sideways plank (15 seconds)
  4. Crunches (15)
  5. Backwards plank (15 seconds)
  6. Crunches (15)
  7. Sideways plank (15 seconds)

1.3. Taking over the set to warm up

Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Taking over the set to warm up'

A plays the ball upwards once, overhand passes it to B, and moves behind B. B also plays the ball upwards once, overhand passes it to C, and moves behind C. The exercise continues with C taking the part of A.

2. Core I

2.1. Forwards and backwards

Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Forwards and backwards'

A overhead passes the ball to position 3. B moves to position 3 and sets the ball backwards to C. A takes B's position and B takes A's position.

The exercise is now in the mirrored form of the starting point and continues in the same way.

2.2. Setting in a square

Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Setting in a square'

Sets of four players:

A1 plays the ball to B1 and moves to D1. Subsequently, B1 plays the ball to C1 and moves to the spot that A1 just left. The exercises continues like this. The player that reaches a spot that is already occupied has to wait one round.

Sets of three players:

A2 plays the ball to B2 ad moves to the empty sport. Subsequently, B2 plays to ball to C2 and moves to the position that A2 just left.

The focus of this exercise is on facing the correct direction when playing the ball to the next player. If the overhead setting technique is used, the players should face the direction they're playing the ball in. If the bump setting technique is used, they face the direction from which the ball came.

3. Core II

3.1. Middle blocker takes over the set I

Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Middle blocker takes over the set I'

SV calls out "left" or "right", after which M1 forms a block with the player to his left or right. Immediately after the block, SV tosses a ball to the middle of the court. M1 sets the ball to A1 or A2. A1 or A2 spikes the ball and M2 tries to block the spike.

After a number of repetitions, the players change positions.

3.2. Middle blocker takes over the set II

Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Middle blocker takes over the set II'

Setter S of team A serves and takes his position on the court. Team B spikes on position 2 or 4.

If S defends the spike, M takes over the set. If someone else defends the spike, S penetrates and sets.

Number of players
Team B needs at least two players (OH1 and OH2), and team B needs at least three players (M, D, and S). You can expand this drill until both teams contain six players.

4. Conclusion

4.1. 6x6 with an additional rally

Diagram for the volleyball drill '6x6 with an additional rally'

Team A plays against team B. The first rally starts with a serve. After this rally ends, the coach throws a ball onto the court. After this second rally ends, one of the teams serves again.