Tools for volleyball coaches


These first sentences form the first paragraph. You can start a new paragraph by leaving a blank line between sentences.

These sentences form the second paragraph. If you don't leave a blank line between sentences, you'll continue an existing paragraph.
This means you can start a new sentence of a paragraph on the next line, such as this one.

It's also possible to indicate that a paragraph is a quote. In this case, the text will be indented.

If you want to emphasize certain words, you can show them in bold or italics, or underline them.

To create lists, you can use asterisks:

  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item
    • Item 3a
    • Item 3b

To create numbered lists, you can use hash tags:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
    1. Item 2a
    2. Item 2b

These types of lists can be combined:

  • First item
    1. Item 1a
    2. Item 1b
  • Second item

There are two ways of adding links. You can add a link within a sentence, such as this link to Volleytools. You can also show the complete address:

The addresses you use for links should start with "http://" or "https://", because they won't be recognized otherwise. Addresses that are not recognized as valid addresses will be shown as plain text.

Adding images is similar to adding links. You can add an image with a title, which will appear when a mouse cursor hovers over the image:

Favicon for Volleytools

You can also leave out the title:

YouTube videos can be added by placing a link on a new line.