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Mark and Vital's alternative for free hitting

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Single drill
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Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Mark and Vital's alternative for free hitting'

All players spike on their own positions in turns:

  • Outside hitters spike on position 2, 4, or 6.
  • Middle hitters spike on position 3.
  • Opposites spike on position 1, 2, or 4.

Coach C, setter S, and libero L stay in the same position.

C tosses the ball across the net. Outside hitters are free to decide whether they want to pass the ball themselves before spiking. The libero passes for the middle hitters and the opposites.

Vital Heynen's variant:
Each hitter spikes twice in a row.

This variant was used by Noliko Maaseik when Vital Heynen was head coach and Brecht van Kerckhove and Erik Verstraeten were assistent coaches.

Mark Lebedew's variant:
The drill continues until a certain numbers of points has been scored. A good, hard spike is worth 1 point. A weak spike or a spike that touches the net is worth 0 points. A point is subtracted for each failed spike.

Attacking: Position 1 Attacking: Position 2 Attacking: Position 3 Attacking: Position 4 Attacking: Position 5 ...