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Suicides and strength training

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Single drill
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Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Suicides and strength training'

The players run

  • from the serving line to the three-meter line,
  • back to the serving line,
  • to the center line,
  • to the three-meter line, and
  • back to the center line.

Near the center line, they perform a number of exercises. After that, they run back to the serving line.

During the first and third round, they perform the following exercises near the center line.

  1. 15 crunches
  2. 15 side crunches to the right
  3. 15 side crunches to the left
  4. Plank for 15 seconds

During the second and fourth round, they perform 15 weightless squats.

Drill type: Individal Section: Warming-up