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Side-out versus defence

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Single drill
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Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Side-out versus defence'

Team playing defence:
SD serves and move into the court to defend. D1 and D2 defend. B blocks and sets.

Team playing side-out:
PH1, P en PH2 pass. S penetrates and sets. M spikes on position 3. PH1 spikes on position 2 and PH2 spikes on position 4.

Only the team that plays side-out can score points. This team scores a big point by scoring three small points in a row. They can score a small point by winning each of the rallies that start as follows:

  1. SD serves.
  2. C serves an easy serve.
  3. C throws a ball high into the court of the defending team. This team is allowed at most two touches before the ball has to cross the net.
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