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Individual defence till failure

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Single drill
Number of players:
5 to 8
Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Individual defence till failure'

Coach C initiates the drill by tossing a ball to spiker SP1 or SP2. This player digs the ball towards setter S. S sets to one of the spikers. This spiker spikes to defence player D1 or D2. One of the defence players digs the spike, the other player underarm passes the ball over the net to the spikers.

Both spikers keep spiking towards the same defence player, until this player fails to dig the spike. If one of the defence players fails to dig the spike, the coach immediately initiates the drill again by tossing a ball over the net, and the spikers target the other defence player.

This drill can be extended with additional spikers who take turns spiking towards the defence players.

Attacking: Spike Defence: General Drill type: Game phase in isolation Section: Core I Setting: General