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One against one - king of the court

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Single drill
Number of players:
2 to 13 players or more
Diagram for the volleyball drill 'One against one - king of the court'

The player on side B serves towards side A. Only underhand serves are allowed. Each player may touch the ball at most two times before it has to cross the net. The players are not allowed to jump and the ball has to be played over the net with a hard touch.

The player who wins the rally moves to side A. One of the spare players starts a new rally by serving to side A.

If you have a lot of players, you could run this drill on two halves of the court. If you still have a lot of players waiting, you could make the player who loses the rally run towards the wall behind side A and back before waiting again.

I use this drill to warm up, hence the no-jumping rule.

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