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Variations on two against two

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Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Variations on two against two'

Teams of two players compete. Jumping is prohibited and hard touches are mandatory. The ball is brought into the game using an underhand serve.

The winning team takes the position of team A (or stays there). The losing team sprints towards the wall behind team A and joins the teams waiting behind team B afterwards.


  1. Each team is allowed to touch the ball only once.
  2. Each team has to play the ball exactly twice.
  3. Each player is holding a ball, which is used to play the other ball (the game's ball).
  4. Each player is holding a ball. This ball has to be tossed in the air when the other ball (the game's ball) has to be played.
  5. Each team has an extra ball on the ground, which the team has to keep in motion.
  6. Each team has one ball. The ball that is played across the net by the opponent is caught, after which the game continues with the team's ball.
  7. One of the players is holding a chair. The chair has to be used to play the ball at least once. At most two touches per team are allowed.
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