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"Thinking games" two against two

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Diagram for the volleyball drill '"Thinking games" two against two'

Teams of two players play against each other. The ball is brought into the game using an underhand serve. Jumping is prohibited and hard touches are mandatory.

The winning team takes the place of team A (or stays there). The losing team sprints towards the wall behind team A and joins the players waiting behind team B.

A team loses when it loses the rally or when it cannot meet the assignment.


  1. Each team has to use a certain number of arms before playing the ball towards the other team. Bumping = two arms. Spiking = one arm.
    1. The teams use four arms, three arms, two arms, and one arm.
    2. Each team has to use seven arms in total each time.
    3. The teams have to make sure that the combined number of arms used by both teams is seven.
  2. Both touches by team members have to take place on the same side of the court.
  3. One touch by a team member has to take place before the three-meter line, the other behind the three-meter line.
  4. Each team has a Golden Ball underneath the shirt of one of its members. If one of the opponents can be touched with this ball, the opponent loses.
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