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Setting in a square

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Single drill
Number of players:
Diagram for the volleyball drill 'Setting in a square'

Sets of four players:

A1 plays the ball to B1 and moves to D1. Subsequently, B1 plays the ball to C1 and moves to the spot that A1 just left. The exercises continues like this. The player that reaches a spot that is already occupied has to wait one round.

Sets of three players:

A2 plays the ball to B2 ad moves to the empty sport. Subsequently, B2 plays to ball to C2 and moves to the position that A2 just left.

The focus of this exercise is on facing the correct direction when playing the ball to the next player. If the overhead setting technique is used, the players should face the direction they're playing the ball in. If the bump setting technique is used, they face the direction from which the ball came.

Basics: Forearm pass/bump Basics: Overhead pass Drill type: Cooperating group without net Section: Warming-up